Tools – Aversive or “Just Objects”?

This is a blog post from a really good blog called clickerchronicles. If you are interested in stuff related to learning and behavior, please go ahead and follow the blog. It has some really good reads! Enjoy:

It is so interesting how we humans use language.  Sometimes it is to clarify things and sometimes it is used to obfuscate or hide the real meaning. When training animals (or humans) and we use tools, are the tools aversive?  Or is it just how they’re used? If I said that a prong collar was […]

2 thoughts on “Tools – Aversive or “Just Objects”?

    1. I also enjoyed the posts about lumping. So thank you!

      Why is there a website called coreconnexxions under your name on your comment. Its in a language I don’t understand. Just curious! 😊


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